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Travel Profile: Building Travel Into Your Business With Steven Jackson | 旅行封面人物:Steven Jackson 从旅行中创业的故事

Steven Jackson is the founder of Moon & Back, a wedding film and photography company that works all over the world. Steve’s beautiful work captures both his passion for what he does and the beauty of each location. It’s inspiring work that really speaks to how travel can inspire and elevate the moments in our lives.

Yet, his business has meant that Steve didn’t take the usual steps to travel for an Australian; not taking his first overseas trip until the business was set-up the way he liked. But it’s been worth the wait, with Steve creating a job that takes him all over the world. We had a quick chat with Steve to get his views on travel and how it has inspired him personally.

Steven Jackson是Moon&Back的创始人,这是一家在全球婚礼摄影公司。Steven的精美作品捕捉到了自己的激情以及每个地方的美。这是一份鼓舞人心的工作,充分诠释了旅行是如何激励我们和珍惜我们生活中的重要时刻。


Ultimate travel tip | 终极旅行贴士:

Travel alone. Meet people from different cultures, get out of your comfort zone. Also; Travel light, and if you’re ever short of a t shirt or jacket – you’ll find a Zara every where you go.


Places been | 去过的地方:

Australia, London/UK, France (Paris, Nice), Germany (Berlin), Switzerland (Bern), Sweden (Stockholm), Holland (Amsterdam), Spain (Granada / Madrid / Barcelona), Portugal (Lisbon / Lagos / Faro), Greece (Various islands), Italy (Amalfi, Sicily, Milan) ,USA (Palm springs, LA), Bali, Fiji.

澳大利亚,伦敦/英国,法国(巴黎,尼斯),德国(柏林),瑞士(伯尔尼),瑞典(斯德哥尔摩),荷兰(阿姆斯特丹),西班牙(格拉纳达/马德里/巴塞罗那),葡萄牙(里斯本/拉各斯/法罗) ,希腊(各岛),意大利(阿马尔菲,西西里岛,米兰),美国(棕榈泉,洛杉矶),巴厘岛,斐济。

You run Moon & Back, which is quite a successful business venture. Can you tell me a little about how it started, and how it has evolved to take you around the world?


Growing up I would create un scripted films & short films with friends and family for fun. From there it progressed to competitive short films & school project videos (instead of power point presentations). At 14 I filmed a wedding for a close cousin, and since then the business naturally grew through word of mouth and referrals. As the team grew, we weren’t always connected to the idea of creating wedding videos, so ventured into the commercial space (corporate videos & TV commercials) as well as creating a full service graphic design agency. The distraction got the better of us, and after 5 years of that we eventually realised what we loved about wedding films: I grew up filming the unscripted, having fun, and capturing real moments.

长大后,我有和朋友,家人一起创作无脚本的电影和短片以获得乐趣。这个爱好使我参加了竞争短片和学校项目的视频比赛(而不是功率点演示文稿)。 14岁时,我为表妹拍摄了她的婚礼影片,从那以后,这项业务自然而然地通过口碑和转介成长了起来。随着团队的成长,我们并不总是制作婚礼视频,我们还进入了商业领域(企业视频和电视广告),并创建了一个全方位服务的平面设计机构。这使我们的生意越来越好,5年后,我们终于意识到了婚礼影片是我们的重心:我长大后拍摄了无脚本,玩得开心,捕捉了真实的瞬间。

This is what brought us back to weddings. With the couples we work with and the style of our product; we are given unlimited creative licence to create the type of films we want; those which are completely unscripted and natural. This brought the business back to our core values, resulting in the opportunity to setup a second studio in London 3 years ago to give us access to the many requests for filming we get all over the world.

使我们回到婚礼领域的原因:与我们合作的搭档和我们产品的风格;我们获得无限制的创作许可,创造我们想要的影片类型; 那些完全没有文字和自然的影片。这使该业务重新回到了我们的核心价值观,从而有机会在3年前在伦敦建立第二个工作室,让我们能够满足我们走遍世界各地的拍摄要求。

When starting Moon & Back was travel something that directly inspired it, or something that has come to grow within the business?


Travel was never something that excited me growing up, in fact, running the business since I was a teenager, I put a self-imposed restriction to not travel until I was happy with the business I was creating. My first trip overseas was 2 years ago when I turned 28. As for my team, they have had dreams to travel for work for years, so to evolve and create a business where travel is mandatory was an achievement and something I am proud we created.



What destination has inspired you the most? 哪里让你收益最受?

As I travelled so late in life (relatively to most Australians who travel out University), the first 2 weeks of my travel experience is what inspired me as a whole. It took me a week or two to truly understand what is meant by “the travel bug”. I first landed in London on the Queen’s birthday in 2016 (interestingly they don’t have a public holiday like we do).

My very first weekend was filled with hours of driving to get to 3 separate weddings. On the Jurassic Coast, up to Norfolk, and across again to Manchester (photos). Airbnb life is one thing that has helped me see and do the many things that I have experienced. Staying in a ‘Glamping’ pod on a farm for example showed me a side of the UK country side I may not have seen as a regular tourist. The week later, I was in Granada, Spain. The wedding planner was a local, and took me through the many alleys and hidden bars and restaurants where I first tasted real Spanish Jamon. By the end of my second week, I landed in Santorini, Greece but felt lonely and depressed. I wasn’t sure why I felt this, but after some research it seemed like a common occurrence for some travellers which gave me some sense of belonging again. The wedding was spectacular, and I formed close friendships from that experience.

After a few days, I was sitting at a bar by the beaches of Kamari, editing the wedding I just shot (photo), and in that moment a wave of sensation came over me – and I needed to keep travelling. The travel bug started and I was inspired. Not from one specific location, but from the idea that I can be anywhere in the world and feel like I am home.

由于我旅行的时间如此之晚(相对于大多数在大学期间就旅行的澳大利亚人而言),旅行中的头两周是最启发我的体验。我花了一两个星期才真正理解“旅行问题”的含义。 2016年我在伦敦女王的生日那天到达伦敦(有趣的是,他们没有像我们这样的公共假期)。

我的第一个周末充满了几个小时的驾车,以到达3个独立的婚礼。在侏罗纪海岸,直到诺福克,再到曼彻斯特(照片)。 Airbnb的生活是帮助我看到并是我体验过的另一个第一次。例如,在一个农场的“大草坪”吊舱上,我看到了英国乡村的一面,可能从一个不是经常旅游的人的角度。一周后,我在西班牙格拉纳达。婚礼策划师是当地人,带我穿过许多小巷和隐藏的酒吧和餐馆,在那里我首先尝到了真正的西班牙火腿。到第二周结束时,我到达了希腊的圣托里尼,但感到孤独和沮丧。我不确定为什么我会这样想,但经过一番研究后,对于一些旅行者来说,这似乎是一种普遍的现象,这又给我一些归属感。婚礼非常壮观,从中我建立了密切的友谊。

几天后,我坐在卡马利海滩的一家酒吧里,编辑我刚刚拍摄的婚礼(照片),那一刻我感觉到一阵强烈的动力- 我需要继续旅行。旅行问题开始了,我受到了启发。不是来自一个特定的地点,而是来自我可以在世界上的任何地方,并感觉像我在家的感觉。

Much of modern travel is documented through social media. It almost seems like a necessity now. You yourself don’t use social media, how do you think this changes your travel experience?


I somehow missed the Social media boat so have never experienced what it would be like to use it while travelling. One thing that has helped my immensely is using Airbnb as a platform to find exciting and unique places to stay wherever I am traveling to. Coupled with getting a few local tips from the Airbnb host – I have discovered parts of the world that I would imagine most tourists would never get to see unless they live like I am local.

我不知何故错过了社交媒体的小船,所以从未体验过在旅行中使用它的感觉。有一件事帮了我很大的忙,就是把Airbnb作为一个平台去寻找令人兴奋和独特的地方,让我在那里旅行。再加上Airbnb房主提供的一些当地旅行建议- 我发现了大部分游客永远都看不到的地方,除非他们像本地人一样生活。

Do you ever feel pressured to hop onto social media when travelling?


It is quite easy to jump on to Safari or an internet browser and be taken to someone’s public Instagram page. I do admit to checking our public business Instagram page (@moonandbackco) to see who’s commenting or what we are posting. Communication is a big part of our business, and as our team is quite heavily involved in Social media it is quite easy for me to stay in the loop.

跳到Safari或互联网浏览器并被带到某人的Instagram非常容易。我确实承认要查看我们的商业版Instagram(@moonandbackco), 查看谁的评论或我们发布的内容。沟通是我们业务的重要组成部分,而且我们的团队在社交媒体中的参与程度非常高,所以我很容易保持 平衡。

If you want to see the brilliance that is Moon & Back, you can catch some of the work here.

Also make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram, as well as their website for more of their work and any info you may need.



Happy Travels!



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