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4 Game-Changing Travel Tech Innovations | 4个新兴的旅行革新技术

Beginning on 15th of April (Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday), World Creativity and Innovation Week is a celebration of free thinking, new ideas and game-changing breakthroughs. Everyone has something to gain from those who pursue innovation, and travel is no different. Technological advancements in recent years have made our lives travelling much easier, unlocking new possibilities for exploring.

Google maps, translation tools, smartphones (and their cameras!); we are increasingly able to see and do more around this amazing planet of ours. To celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week, we take a quick look at some of the coolest travel tech and trends making waves in 2018.


谷歌地图,翻译工具,智能手机(和自带的相机!); 我们越来越能够在这个令人惊叹的星球上看到并做更多的事情。为了庆祝世界创意与创新周,我们快速浏览了2018年最酷的旅游技术和潮流。

Instantaneous Translation | 即时翻译

It’s a been a feature of sc-fi movies for decades, but instantaneous language translation is becoming a reality. Increasingly, more companies are promising the technology to break-down language barriers in what will be an absolute revolution for not just travel, but international business, diplomacy and education.

Google has had the most publicised attempt at making this a reality with the launch of the Pixel Buds, Google’s in-ear technology. However, initial reviews were that the technology is not as smooth as promised (see here for some examples).

Perhaps with a little more success, The Pilot is a similar product with a lot of buzz coming out from the US. Available now only through pre-order, the Waverly Labs project could have the potential to revolutionise travel.  Of course the tech has a way to go before being absolutely perfect, but the more people start using it, the more it improves.


Google已经做出了尝试,他们推出了Pixel Buds,谷歌的入耳式技术。然而,最初的评论认为,该技术并不如承诺的那么顺利(参见这里的一些例子)。

也许稍微更成功一点的是The Pilot,它是一个类似的产品。Waverly Labs项目现在只能通过预订购买,可能会对旅游产生革命性影响。当然,技术在绝对完美之前还有一段路要走,但越多的人开始使用它,它的改进就越多。

Photos from above | 航拍

Drones have been around a while now, but 2018 is promising to be the year that they really break into the mainstream. Advancements in the technology have meant that they are increasingly affordable and portable. And the best part is you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Chinese brand DJI are the market leader with their flagship drone the Mavic Pro.  The Mavic Pro shoots with a 4K enabled camera that has a flight range of up to 7km. It comes in at a reasonable $1399 (AUD), which when you consider the cost of iPhone X doesn’t seem too bad.

There’s also cheaper options, with the companies like DJI and Parrot offering models for a more modest budget.

It’s hard to argue with the results of these drones; their stunning aerial pictures are all over the internet right now. Definitely something to take on your 2018 getaway.


中国品牌DJI是其旗舰无人机Mavic Pro的市场领导者。 Mavic Pro使用一台4K摄像头进行拍摄,该摄像头的飞行距离可达7公里。它提供合理的价格1399澳元,当你考虑到iPhone X的成本时,这似乎并不高。


AI is your new travel guide | 语音助理技术是你的新导游

From 2016 to 2017 there was a 40% increase in voice assistant users. Services like Ok Google, Alexa and Siri are now becoming increasingly mainstream, with users now able to search recommendations, make bookings and manage their travel itinerary. In some hotels you can even communicate directly to staff through the AI tech.

It doesn’t stop there, as chatbots are becoming increasingly used, and trusted, to deliver information and manage online bookings for companies. This means more instantaneous digital assistance whenever we need it.

There has been some resistance to AI technologies from consumers, mostly due to a lack of trust. But as the capabilities of this technology improve, 2018 promises to be a game-changing year.




Drive, Fly or…Hyperloop? | 自驾,飞行还是超级高铁?

Transport is set to be changed forever with the Elon Musk backed Hyperloop getting ever closer to completion. Propelling people forward along a tube at record breaking speeds, the Hyperloop is a dramatically faster and more efficient means of long distance travel. The current test speeds have reached an amazing 387 km/h, with hypothetical speeds being up to 1223.1 km/h.

Currently, the third Hyperloop test track is being built in France, which hopefully means the technology is getting that little bit closer to completion. Not only will this make travel and trade much easier, but it will also have a huge positive impact on the environment.

来自消费者的AI技术受到一些抵制,主要是由于缺乏信任。但随着这项技术的功能提高,2018年将成为一个改变游戏规则的一年。 随着Elon Musk支持的超级高铁越来越接近完成,交通运输将永远改变。以创纪录的速度带着人们沿着管道前进,Hyperloop超级高铁是一种快速且高效的长途旅行方式。

目前的测试速度已经达到惊人的387公里/小时,有可能将速度达到1223.1公里/小时。  目前,第三个Hyperloop超级高铁测试赛道正在法国建造,希望这意味着该技术正在接近完成。这不仅会使旅行和贸易变得更容易,而且还会对环境产生巨大的积极影响。


Happy Travels!


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