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#chozunaday: Travelling to Figueres, Dundela, Liverpool, Australia, Shanghai

Bruce Peninsula Grotto, Ontario

Bruce Peninsula Grotto, Ontario

There’s one major event we will be celebrating this week, that is Chinese New Year! 新年快乐 to all and thank you for celebrating with us. This week, we’ve been across four continents to celebrate #chozunaday.

Celebrated: Commemorating Salvador Dali

Place: Figueres, Spain

Date: 23 January

Birthplace to surrealist artist Salvador Dali (who passed on this day, 1989), we celebrate Figueres, Spain!

2 travel tips for Figueres:

1. Find your inner child, take a trip to the toy museum – Museu del Joguet – it houses more than 4,500 toys, some that date back centuries!
2. People watch in the town (not in a creepy way) – for a city that’s built on art, there’s a bunch of quirky art about. So walk, have a coffee, sit & watch your surroundings.


Celebrated: The very first Macintosh was made available to consumers!

Place: Dundela, Ontario, Canada

Date: 24 January

In 1984, on this very day, MAC was made available to consumers! We celebrated Ontario, where the McIntosh apple (fruit) originated. The Macintosh computer was originally named after the apple, but the spelling had to change so people stopped misspelling.

3 things to check out in Ontario: 
1. What’s now become a cult icon installation, artist Corwyn Lund‘s playground swing amongst the graffiti.
2. If castles are your thing, head to Casa Loma – the 98-room castle that bankrupted a 19th century electricity multimillionaire.
3.  The Bruce Peninsula Grotto boasts a natural sea cave of turquoise beauty.


Celebrated:  The Beatles first number one hit!

Place: Liverpool, England

Date: 25 January


On this day, in 1964, The Beatles got their first number one with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” , so here we are celebrating Liverpool, their birthplace.

For something different (& before the building’s transformed into apartments) – check out Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse – the world’s largest brick Warehouse. The warehouse was built over 100 years ago, using more than 27 million bricks, and its windows contain more than 30,000 panes of glass!


Celebrated: Australia Day

Place: Australia!

Date: 26 January

chozun’s original birthplace, Australia! Today, Australian’s unite to celebrate the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, NSW.

The team celebrated by listening to triple j‘s hottest 100, watching the Australian Open from Shanghai!  Here’s how Australian’s celebrate on this day.


Celebrated: Chinese New Year!

Place: Shanghai, China

Date: 27 January

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, we celebrate the year ahead. The Year of the Rooster. Our now home and HQ to chozun (it’s been almost a year).

Here’s where Chinese travellers are headed this Spring Festival.

中国新年快乐 to all.

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