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A Veteran’s Guide to Surviving SXSW

Austin is in the midst of SXSW, an annual festival of film, interactive media, music and conferences. It’s an event where you can catch a keynote speech by Elon Musk before heading to a music festival featuring rapper Action Bronson, as well as everything in between.

Look around and you’ll also discover SXSW’s home of Austin to be a fascinating place in of itself. A city renowned for its live music and distinct culture, it has more recently undergone a change as new demographics move in and the unique social fabric of the city changes.  The result is a city that moves between its old and new, with every resident holding their own opinion on exactly where Austin is heading.

It’s certainly an exciting time to explore this city.  Our founders are well aware of this, and as regular attendees of SXSW, these veterans have 5 tips on how to survive SXSW.

Networking is key – go to events beyond the main conference

With such a diverse range of acts, performances, presentations and conferences, SXSW proves to be a hotbed of people worth knowing.  Love it or hate it, networking is therefore a great pursuit here. To really make the most of SXSW, we recommend going beyond the major events and conferences.  You’ll meet an incredibly diverse range of people in a multitude of areas, so be brave and start exploring!


Buy some bicycles at Walmart to get about when there

SXSW is of course huge.  With events being held all over the city, getting around could prove a tiring, or costly, experience.  But, invest in a bike from Walmart (at a reasonable price of course) and you’ll be able to get around in an easy and fun way.  What’s more, you’ll be able to explore and stop at your leisure, finding places you may otherwise miss. We’re all about discovering the hidden things at Chozun, and this is definitely one of our favourite ways to do it.  

Hack your way in as VIPs to all the parties

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Get a little daring and strut your stuff as VIP; you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with the who’s who at parties all over.

Head vintage shopping when things calm on South Lamar Blvd

Everyone has a particular image of Texas in their mind.  Cowboys and southern style are undoubtedly part of the Austin of times gone by.  Head vintage shopping on the South Lamar Boulevard and you’ll find this alongside some of the best fashion from decades gone by.  There’s nothing better than scoring yourself a unique outfit from halfway across the world.


Marfa is a great place for R&R post the SXSW madness

Has bike-riding, partying and exploring got you in need of a little relaxation?  Marfa is the perfect place.  A unique collision of Texas cow-boy culture and minimalist art-scene, Marfa draws in art lovers from all over to the tiny desert town.  It’s been the host to many famous Hollywood productions, but is probably best known for its mysterious lights that appear towards the Chinati Mountains.

Drink lots of water, get some sleep & hustle baby.

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