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#chozunaday: Victoria, Cologne, Philadelphia, Adelaide, Philippines travel tips

chozun 途赞 celebrated far more than Christmas this week!  With so many exciting things to celebrate around the world, here’s a snapshot of our #chozunaday.

Celebrated: Boxing Day

Place: Victoria, Australia (and, well, around the world)

Date: 26 December

How chozun celebrated: Sharing video footage of traditions that happen around the world on Boxing Day! There are Morris Dancers in the UK, Test Cricket, and some head up the coast to extend their Christmas break! 

Outdoor activities to do in Victoria, Australia:

1. For tranquility, head for the day to Tarra-Bulga National Park (it’s a bit of a drive, but peaceful & beautiful once there)
2. If you want to see some true Melbournians & people watch, head over Edinburgh Gardens for a picnic.
3. Check out Kennet River Walk along the Great Ocean Road for some Koala spotting in the wild!

Celebrated: Marlene Dietrich born on this date, in 1901

Place: Cologne, Germany

Date: 27 December

How chozun celebrated: Co-Founders share their favourite Marlene Dietrich quote (of course related to travel) – “To lose your prejudices you must travel”.

Three tips for exploring Cologne:

1. Three bars to check out: Schnörres, Lotta and Cöllner.
2. One of our fave neighbourhoods around Chlodwigplatz, the Südstadt.
3. Take the Seilbahn across the Rhein and look at the naked people in the Therme below you! Eeep.

Celebrated: 180 years ago, on this date – South Australia was founded!

Place: Adelaide, Australia

Date: 28 December

How chozun celebrated: Show and tell of three vintage items, Co-Founder Teresa picked up at one of the Vintage markets in Adelaide!

Three places to check out in Adelaide:

1. Produce & food in SA is next to none! Try get a table at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, it’s the new place to be seen.

2. Swim with wild dolphins and soak up classic seaside charm in Glenelg, a short tram ride from Adelaide.

3. Wander around Artisan markets in Adelaide – there are many weekend markets, weekday markets, twilight ones, vintage markets – you name it!

Celebrated: Pepper Pot Day

Place: Philadelphia, United States

Date: 29 December

How chozun celebrated: Attempted to make their own version of ‘Pepper Pot’.

If Pepper Pot isn’t quite your thing, we recommend one of the most delicious Vegetarian Restaurants in the world (big statement, but true) – Vedge. It’s located Downtown & easy to get to. Delish!


Place: Philippines

Date: 30 December

How chozun celebrated: Reminisced over memories of sunsets, waterfalls and blue waters.

  1. Check out Hinatuan Enchanted River – a magically clear, blue river in the Philippine jungle.
  2. Head to Bohol’s mysterious brown hills also known as ‘Chocolate Hills’ (sorry, there isn’t any actual chocolate there though).
  3. And if it’s your jam, see the hundreds of hanging coffins on cliffs and caves in Sagada.

Of course, evidence of the teams celebrations this week are here for you all to enjoy.

Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous 2017, filled with travel, good health & laughter!

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