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What WON’T be Trending in Travel for 2017

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What won’t be trending in travel 2017

By now, you will probably have read numerous ‘trends for 2017’ articles (check out our own ‘China Travel Trends for 2017’). We wanted to explore what might be too early, dying or just plain won’t take off and why in travel for 2017.

1. VR – There will still be continued hype around VR but so far it has been pretty disappointing and we predict adoption in the travel space will be slow as people struggle to find the sweet-spot between compelling content for the platform and genuine use-cases. A better space to follow this year will be live-streaming travel, particularly in the Asian market.

2. BOT delivery for everything – Sure, bots will deliver flight and hotel results to satisfy many travellers but research shows travellers still require an element of the human touch – which is in part why chozun’s blend of AI, data and expert human intelligence appeals.

3. All work, no play –  ‘Bleisure’ is taking off as a concept with Business Travelers increasingly adding leisure time onto the top or tail ends of business trips. However, it’s not just about extending your trip, more frequently we’ve found those on regular business trips using chozun to find something to do in their downtime – from pampering themselves to finding a cool event. It’s something corporates should be encouraging and embracing to keep employees incentivised, motivated and engaged. chozun offers corporate packages to help corporates keep their road-warriors de-stressed and happy. Find out more here.

4. Single Vertical plays – We’ve long predicted the demise of single vertical offerings, which is why we have always taken a multiple vertical approach to what we offer travelers. But this year will see a bigger decline a la Washio of single vertical players. The fact is people don’t have time to fragment what they want – particularly when they’re on the go.

5. Money – The use of physical money will decline among travelers in 2017, with more payment options than ever before, opportunities not to have to deal with currency exchanges are greatly appreciated and travelers are finding smarter, more efficient ways of spending across countries. In particular, watch for digital payment giants Wechat and Alipay taking their payment facilities to more vendors overseas – circumnavigating Unionpay’s tricky usage for Chinese travelers.

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