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Where Chinese travellers go this Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster

Other than the (sometimes obligatory home visit), family time and visiting the many aunts, uncles, family friends, cousins, neighbours, co-workers parents, neighbours parents, great aunts, uncles, grandparents and the sisters husbands cat, Chinese travellers will be moving all over the globe this Chinese New Year.

The largest migration of human beings in the world is underway. So, where are they headed this Chinese New Year and for the rest of 2017?


According to Ctrip, Thailand is most popular of the top 10 overseas destinations for Chinese tourists this time of the year, followed by Japan.’s and Skyscanner’s top 10 searches for travel bookings during the holidays, as well as Airbnb’s top 8 overseas destinations for Chinese New Year, are mostly Asia-centric.

Asia still remains the top travel destination for Chinese travellers.

Visa’s for Chinese tourists have become slightly more flexible, enabling travellers to choose their preferred destinations without the hassle of Visa restrictions.

There’s been a rise in the number of direct flights outbound China to Asian destinations.


According to Forbes, 2016 saw a 7.4% dip in the number of travel bookings to Europe, however, things are looking up this Chinese New Year with stats from ForwardKeys.

The globe is moving rapidly with a focus on Chinese travellers, Finnair just announced it will be the first airline to trial Alipay on board for in-flight shopping.

Despite previous caution and heightened security concerns over terror attacks, over this Chinese New Year, bookings to Europe are up by 56%, with destinations in Northern and Central/Eastern Europe being particularly popular.

Popular European destinations for Chinese travellers include Spain, which is the fastest growing (89%), followed closely by the UK (88%), and Italy (59%). And other areas of Europe are also seeing an increase in Chinese visits  – Visit Finland told chozun independent Chinese travel is up by 50% to destinations like Lapland, Finland.

Did you know? 

With Chinese New Year a peak period for Chinese to travel out of China – and the fact that 42% of Chinese buyers intend to property hunt during their trips abroad – this makes for a potential windfall for global real estate markets.

2017 will see lots of businesses making increasingly significant investments to support and service Chinese international tourists as a permanent fixture of the global economy.

2016 saw approximately 6 million Chinese spending ¥90 billion ($13.13 billion) overseas during the Lunar New Year Golden Week holidays, according to

Chinese are among the biggest spenders on tourism. Outbound travellers spend RMB22,592 on travel ($3,200US) a year – almost a quarter of their income.

So, the verdict? Chinese travellers are doing their traditional home visits, then, they are mostly heading to Asia, followed by Europe this Spring Festival. 2017 will see a large focus from the Tourism industry on Chinese outbound travellers. And we, for one, are excited to watch it all evolve and be a key player in it.

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