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Dragonfly @ Hongmei Retreat

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Villa 5, Lane 3911 Hongmei Road, Hongqiao, Changning, Shanghai 201103

Located in a luxurious villa tucked away - a bit more residential than downtown and ideal for expats. Dim lighting, calming soundtrack and pleasing aromas are the order of the day at Dragonfly. The treatments are good, solid and nothing too fancy - the prices, in comparison to some of the city’s more premium offerings, reflect that. They have quite a few locations dotted across the city, with each one being pretty consistent. It's a great way to relax after a long day exploring.

chozun loves: Quiet setting.

Atmosphere: Relaxing.
Decor: Typical brown and beige, with a traditional feel.
Service: Calm.
Location: In Hongqiao/Changning district of Shanghai on a quiet leafy lane on Hongmei Road in the west of Shanghai.
Must Try: All-over massage.
Price: Medium

  • Expat Favourite
  • Attentive Service
  • Standard Choice