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Super Model Fit

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492 Jianguo West Road, W3 JianYeLi, Shanghai, P.R.C

High-end, high-energy studio for women only. This fashionable and premium focused studio features classes like twerking and ropes as wells as other unique and fun ways to keep fit. It's a refreshing departure from gyms filled with testosterone & grunting, creating an environment for women to get their sweat on in comfort. The classes are taught with a mixture of fun, knowledge and involvement. It pays to be fashionable here as there's also a focus on looking and feeling good.

chozun loves: Shanghai's only female-only fitness destination.

Atmosphere: Fit, fun, fashionable.
Decor: Based in a historic 1930's Shikunmen, the space is unique - original wood beams, brickwork and doors combined with the state-of-the-art interior.
Service: Smart and savvy.
Location: Tucked away in a neat corner of the French Concession, near cafes and restaurants of Wulumuqi lu.
Must Do: Twerk class
Price: Expensive

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