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Tai'an Table

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465 Zhenning Road, Lane No 16, 101-102, Building No 1 Changning District, Shanghai

Fine-dining by world-renowned chef Stefan Stiller. With an open kitchen and a single, set seasonal tasting menu only at 15 courses (see below for current menu) and 1388RMB. They only do set dinners from 6pm (last dinner at 8pm) and it's hard to get a table! Book through chozun 途赞 and we'll have you covered. It's a refined, modern setting and the chefs make it interactive by cooking in the open kitchen and interacting with guests. At the heart, the food is delicious - elevating natural flavours and creating the sumptuous centre piece for a 360º experience for all the senses. In addition to the dining room there's a small bar with some signature cocktails, champagne, and wine. The place is non-smoking, except for the bar. They do ask that guests keep their phones off the tables so you can immerse yourself in the environment. Dietary requirements can be catered to but they should be communicated when reserving.

chozun loves: the presentation of the food is exquisite and it's a true experience

Current menu:
Welcome Snacks & Nibbles

Asparagus Salad | Oyster Mayo
芦笋色拉 | 牡蛎酱
Sea Urchin ‘Panna Cotta’
Pea & Wasabi Ice Cream | Caviar
甜豆&芥末 冰淇凌 | 鱼籽酱
Roasted Sour-Doug Bread | Foie Gras
Garlic | Porto
烤酸面包 | 肥鸭肝
大蒜| 砵酒
Iberco 5J Ham ‘Croquette’
Black Garlic | Parsley
黑蒜 | 意大利芹
Sturgeon | Horseradish
Heirloom Potatoes | Seiko Miso
鲟鱼 | 辣根
原生番薯 | 味噌
Yunnan Trout | Artichokes ‘Barigoule’
云南鳟鱼 | 煨洋蓟
Australian Black Truffle
Taglierini | Pecorino
幼意面 | 山羊干酪
Confit Cabbage
‘Sauerkraut’ Emulsion | Lardo
酸菜汁酱 | 腌猪肥膘
Purple Shiso Sorbet
pickled Mustard Seeds
紫苏冰霜 I 腌芥末籽
Slow cooked Beef Short Rib
Cep Mushroom
Australian Lamb Tenderloin
Ratatouille | Burned Eggplant Water
烩蔬菜 | 烤茄子汁
Rhubarb | Pistachio
Yogurt | Chervil Oil
大黄 | 开心果
酸奶 | 细叶芹油
‘Umeboshi’ Cream Cheese
Matcha I dried Strawberries
“Umeboshi” 奶油芝士
Farewell Sweets

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